Career Transition Coaching


Change is hard even when you do know where you are going. If you’re unsure of your path, it’s even harder. A coach helps you navigate changes and Quartic coaches are especially adept helping executives transition.


We draw upon our backgrounds in executive search, personal brand development, and talent management to create a custom experience tailored to you and your unique needs. After you’ve accomplished so much already, and with so much more to contribute still, a Quartic Career Transition Coach offers the confidential and custom coaching experience exactly aligned to your needs.





Working with clients in career transition and outplacement, Quartic coaches partner to provide integrated solutions that help people make successful transitions.


Different clients have different needs, and each Quartic coach works to create a personalized program to support a variety of career paths including full time employment, entrepreneurship, consulting, portfolio careers, freelance, and contract roles.

A typical engagement involves 3 Quartic Coaches, who will partner with the executive, with one Lead coach, selected by the Client, based his or her specific needs. Our program focuses on providing an executive with the tools to introduce themselves to the market with a clear understanding and ability to provide differentiation in a competitive job market.


Along with developing their personal brand, we work with the executive to unpack what they "own" regarding their success and failures in their previous role to better represent themselves and their capabilities when interviewing for new opportunities. This will be supported with a review of recent executive assessments they have gone through along with a Hogan assessment and debrief to further support understanding of their leadership style and focus on a continued positive shift.


Hands-on support and advice to the executive in everyday tasks of job search: Resume-building and tailoring for specific opportunities, networking, interview preparation, and debrief.


We provide our client with full access to all coaches, taking advantage of each coach’s unique background as profiled below.




John McKay draws upon over forty years of experience as an executive search consultant, business owner and corporate director. He brings his clients dedicated experience of working with Boards of Directors, and senior/emerging executives across a multitude of industries, domestically and internationally.


Mary Morand's creates awareness and understanding that leads to practicing new ways of being, doing and achieving. With over thirty years of corporate human resources leadership experience, Mary is an expert in administering assessments and tools that lead to matching the her clients’ skill sets with ideal career opportunities.


Dina Smith has had extensive experience working within a myriad of organizations, as a corporate leader, management consultant, entrepreneur, and author. Dina knows how to find alternative career pathways for senior executives, having explored many of them herself. Her Silicon Valley client experience has proven to be invaluable for leaders looking to make career transitions big and small.


Jason Press is an expert in brand development and marketing, and works with his clients to ensure that they are best presenting their own personal brand in alignment with desired employers and customers. Whether you’re looking for the right job, or positioning yourself in your own business, Jason helps leaders build their brand and digital presence to attract the prospects they seek.






Our design is to give our transitioning executive access to each coach as need be and to shift our offering to meet their immediate and long-term needs.


Should the executive secure employment before the end of the contract, the contract will revert to assisting executive with on-boarding to their new role and supporting them with one-on-one executive coaching to the completion of the contract.

Within the first 3 months of the engagement, our clients can expect to meet weekly with our Lead Coach + once a month with an Executive Search coach, a Brand Development and Social Media coach, and a coach that specializes in Leadership Assessment.

Depending on the client's specific needs, the remainder of the contracted period will involve bi-weekly meeting with one of the rotating team of coaches, dependent on where the challenges and opportunities take us.

Throughout the process, a single Lead Coach will provide a single touchpoint for managing progress on the coaching contract and agreed upon action plan.



High potential people tend to have one thing at the center of their being: learning agility. It’s the ever-present quality that makes them curious, makes them unsettled with the status quo, makes them persevere where others would acquiesce. People develop through introspection and experience and because they choose to. They see the results that come from consistent desire to be better tomorrow than they were today. 

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