Executive Coaching


Simply put, executive coaching is about facilitating change. Clients typically come to Quartic because they acknowledge that they are looking to learn and grow, and our role is to help facilitate that process, effectively and efficiently.


Working one to one with a coach who is committed to your success helps you align your natural strengths with your personal and professional goals, identify obstacles that get in your way, and close the gaps between your current state and the achievement of your goals.


Quartic coaches partner closely with you to achieve results for yourself, your organization, and the people around you.



Executive Coaching is based on a partnership of equals. We know you are resourceful. ​Our role is to help you tap into your resourcefulness through thought-provoking questions, challenges and support.

While we will briefly review how you got here and identify what has worked (and not worked) in the past, our objective is to become clear about where you are today, the future you want to craft, and how to address the obstacles in the way. Through increased self-awareness, you will be able to tackle your most urgent matters – developing strategies to harness your energy and resources that will help you move forward with clarity of purpose and authenticity towards your work and life goals. 




Quartic coaches will work with you to create and implement a bespoke Action Plan that addresses your unique needs and desired outcomes. Within the Action Plan we will identify goals, strengths, obstacles, awareness practices (internal work), and measurable behavioral changes (external work). Importantly, we will outline metrics for success, with specific milestones to ensure that we are optimizing your ROI.


The formalization of an Action Plan is key to facilitating the results that you want to achieve, and ensures that we stay on task and on track throughout our engagement.


As our coaches work alongside you to help you deepen your self-awareness and build your capacity to tackle new opportunities, your responsibility is to come to each session prepared with an agenda of what you want to get traction on, practice new behaviors that align with how you want to reposition yourself, and share reflections on what is/is not working.


High potential people tend to have one thing at the center of their being: learning agility. It’s the ever-present quality that makes them curious, makes them unsettled with the status quo, makes them persevere where others would acquiesce. People develop through introspection and experience and because they choose to. They see the results that come from consistent desire to be better tomorrow than they were today. 

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